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Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 50 Sets / Month
Payment T/T
Port 30 days
Certification CE, ISO
Packaging International wooden case

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Drop Height:0-1200mmSpecimen Weight:300kg
Specimen Dimension:1200*1200*1200mmDrop Method:Face, Edge, Angel
Machine Dimension:2100*1700*2800mmMachine Weight:4500kg
Supporting Facility:Drop ControllerHeight Display Modes:Digital
Application:Package Drop TestDelivery Detail:15-25 Days

Lab Drop Tester for Big Heavy Package Large - Scale Furniture With With IEC 68-2-27


Product Description
For the massive packing goods and the mass is large, the vertical drop height is relatively low in the transportation and handling. So the Standard Free DropTest Equipment for Heavy Packaged Cargo is relatively low. This drop tester is mainly used for larger package drop test. Zero height drop tester use a quickly moves down E fork mounting as bracket. The specimen place balance as the test requirment(plane, edge,angle). When doing the test, the bracket do high-speed downward movement before the specimen, acceleration >3g, it need guarantee the bracket separate with the specimen and realize free fall. The standard drop height range is 2.54cm-120cm.



Carton Drop Test Packaging Drop Test Machine With ISO2248 Standard Specification

Drop height(mm)0----12000----12000---1200
Specimen weight(KG)150200300
Specimen dimension(mm)1000*1000*10001200*1200*12001200*1200*1200
Drop typeFree drop
Machine dimension(mm)1900*1700*28002100*1700*28002100*1700*2800
Machine Weight(kg)250032004500
Power supply3 phase AC380V 50HZ
StandardsISO2248-72(E) GB/T4857.5 JISZ0202-87 IEC68-2-27

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Functions and Features
1 With upper and lower displacement limit, safety and reliability;
2 Lifting height can be adjusted arbitrarily to meet the needs of different users;
3 Zero freely-drop test stand adopts the double-rail guiding device for stable and reliable lifting operation;
4 The freely-drop test stand can achieve the clamping fall tests for surface, edge and corners of     specimen at different direction;
5 The machine is only needed to be placed on the flat marble or concrete ground for installation, without   special foundation.
Labtone Service

Pre-sales service:
Technical Advisory: Testing method, laboratory planning and advice
Equipment Selection: Type-selecting scheme,FAQ
Product testing scheme
Selling service:
Customer Communication,progress communication
Before installation, we will provide guidance of preparation , equipment debugging, equipment commissioning
Cooperate with measuring if need the third party verification
After-sale service:
Quality assurance period for one year,lifelong maintenance.
Technical guidance
Feedback within 2 hours after get the call.
Accept OEM,Design service,Buyer lable


Simulation Animatronic Customer Triceratops are covered with air bubble film before put them into the wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat sealing and also has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless,moisture corrosion, good transparency etc

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