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Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 15 Sets / Month
Payment T/T
Port 45 working days
Certification CE, ISO
Packaging International wooden case

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Model:HSKT10DTable Size:210 X 210
Specimen Max Weight(kg):10Shock Pulse:Half Sine
Acceleration Range (m/s2):20----10000Pulse Duration Range (ms):0.2~11

Hydraulic ISTA Standard High Acceleration Mechanical Shock Tester Shock Test System



Product description

The precise-type high-acceleration shock tester can provide all half-sine short wave specification specified in JESD22-B110. To meet them, merely change different shock rubber-pad on shock seat. The wave is complete with high repeatability, able to provide user accurate test result.
Conform to different test specs such as JESD22-B110 and IEC spec.


High repeatability on consecutive shock; acceleration +/- 10%; run time +/- 15%; speed deviation +/- 10%.
Table’s four corner-points uniformity P160mm +/- 10%.
Can add spring system to reach the requirement of extra high acceleration specification.


Shock testing systems


Table size (mm)200 x200    210 x 210
Specimen max weight(kg)1010
Shock pulseHalf-sine
Acceleration range (m/s2)20----150020----10000
Pulse duration range (ms)0.5~110.2~11
Seismic basePneumatic springs device
Utility reqyurementsAC220V 50Hz 5A Air pressure:more than 0.5Mpa

Customer Services



  • Technical consultation: test method, laboratory planning and suggestion.
  • Equipment selection: selection scheme, FAQ.
  • Product testing scheme.



  • Customer communication and progress report.
  • Guidance for pre-installation preparation, equipment commissioning and test run.
  • Calibration (when Third Party’s verification is required).



  • Technical training: operation of equipment, daily maintenance, common fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.
  • Scheduled on-site service: Detection of problem as soon as possible in order to eliminate equipment and anthropogenic hazards. This is to ensure long term and stable equipment operation as well as delivery of latest technical information.
  • Technical support: special paid services are provided according to customer’s needs.

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