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Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 15 Sets / Month
Payment T/T
Port 45 working days
Certification CE, ISO
Packaging International wooden case

Product Detail

Table Size:40*40 (CM)Max. Specimen Weight:30 Kg
Max. Acceleration:Half Sine: 600G Machine Dimension:120*110*245 (cm)
Controller Cabinet Dimension:W55*D50*H80 (cm)Machine Weight:1900 (Kg)


Battery Shock Impact Test Equipment With Payload 30kg Meet Standard of UN38.3



Product description

Shock or bump test mainly simulate the impact effects of product and its components encountered in usage and transit process. Through standard and high-reproducibility instant energy exchange, you can analyze the product ability to tolerate the strong external stress and the degradation of structural weaknesses to quickly obtain the data of structure strength, anti-shock appearance and anti-drop. Shock tester is one of destructive experiments, and do destructive test on the product to evaluate the product reliability and monitor the consistency of production line.


Features :

  • The display mode, operating functions, message & program setting and height control are under humanized design; excellent repeatability; high accuracy; software is easy to operate with and time saving in personnel training.
  • Test data & waveform can be saved, transferred to report and printed out.
  • Follow requirement to select tester type & standard; offer customerized design case.
  • Testers & related mechanisms are patented; precise movement without error.





· Fragility test of products.


· Shock standard test of products.


· Fragility test for digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, mobiles, displays, small household appliances,

cosmetics, electronic parts, large-sized office machine, refrigerator and etc.


· Shock standard test for digital cameras, smart phones, tablets, mobiles, displays, small household appliances, cosmetics, electronic parts large-sized office machine, refrigerator and etc.


· Free drop equivalent test packaged freights.


Shock testing systems


Table size (cm)40*4050*6070*80100*100120*120150*150200*200
Maximum Specimen Weight(Kg)30501002003006001000
Max acceleration(G)half sine600600600500500300300
saw-tooth waveform100100100100100100100
Pulse Duration (ms)half sine40—0.240~140~130~220~320~320~3
saw-tooth waveform18~618~618~618~618~618~618~6
square 30~630~630~630~630~630~6
Machine Dimension(cm)120*110*245130*140*260130*120*260150*130*260200*160*300230*180*310250*220*310
Controller cabinet Dimension(cm)W55*D50*H80
Machine Weight(Kg)190023003200420085001550019500
Utility3-phase AC380V 50/60Hz 0.5~0.8MPa
Conforming standardsGB/T2423-2008 GJB1217 GJB360.23 GJB150 GJB548 MIL-STD-202F IEC-68-2-27 MIL-STD-883E MIL-STD-810F ISTA UL


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