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Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 15 Sets / Month
Payment T/T, L/C
Port 30-35 Work Days
Certification CE, ISO
Packaging International standard wooden case

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Frequency:5-60 HzDisplacement:0-2.6 Mmp-p
Acceleration Range:0-11g(peak)Max. Payload:300 Kg
Vibration Direction:VerticalPower Supply:AC 220V / 50Hz


300kg Payload Mechanical Vibration Table Portable Shaker 1000 x 800 x 655 mm



Principle Introduction


         Vertical Mechanical Shaker Table machine applies to electronic products, components, module, mechanical

         and electrical products, instruments and meters and other transportation vibration simulation test. It

         meets the standards of GB, UL, IEC vibration test and reliability test.


        Our mechanical vibration table has three testing functions, namely vibration test under particular

        frequency, frequency sweep test, and multi-stage random test. These three test functions enable

        users to perform various tests on their products, such as vibration function test, vibration endurance

        test, package transportation test, resonance search, resonance dwell, stress screening and fatigue




      1, Using centrifugal excitation method, low mechanical noise.
      2, Using synchronous reverse movement, excellent table evenness.
      3, Stepless amplitude adjustment, meet different product test requirements.
      4, Use-friendly operation control interface.
      5, Fixed with shock absorption bags without special foundation.



Table Size(L×W)1000 x 800mm
Freq. Range(Hz)5--60 Hz
Disp. (mmp-p)0—2.6 p~p
Acc. Range0--11 G
Max. Payload(kg)300 kg
Wave FormSine pulse
Vibration DirectionVertical
Power SupplyAC 220V /50Hz
Machine Dimension1000*800*655mm
Machine Weight550kg





      1. Single phase AC 220V ±10%(50Hz) power supply is employed for the vibration tester table.


      2. Adjustment of eccentric block: The eccentric blocks for the machine are of the design of four        

         groups (eight eccentric blocks, 2 blocks form a group). The eccentric blocks on two shafts are in

         reverse and synchronous rotation. In order to make the table vibrate evenly without shaking, the

         included angles of eccentric blocks must be the same and located at relative position. A group of

         eccentric block can be turned to make the direction of opening towards the horizontal left, and the

         other group must be in the horizontal right direction.


      3. The fastening bolts of eccentric blocks must be fixed properly to avoid slipped thread by force.


      4. During the adjustment of eccentric blocks, the machine must be at the stop state, and it is better to             turn off the machine’s power supply (instead of the computer). The front and rear panels of the      

          eccentric blocks must be fixed before operation.


      5. When you hear irregular noise or the machine has severe irregular shaking, it is necessary to shut

          down the machine and check the machine immediately or notify the supplier.


      6. All bolts on the upper part of the vibration table (above the damping spring) cannot be unfastened

         counterclockwise to avoid damage of the machine.


      7. The power supplies for the machine and computer shall be turned off when the vibration table is not

           in use.



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