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Unit SET
Minorder 1
Supplyability 25 Sets / Month
Payment T/T, L/C
Port 30-45 working days
Certification CE, ISO
Packaging International wooden case

Product Detail

Max. Payload:300kgMax. Dimension Of Specimen:1200x1200x1600 Mm
Max. Shock Distance:1.8M (discussible)Impact Velocity Range:1 - 2.1 M/s
Tolerance Of Impact Speed:≤ ±5%Speed Display:Three-digit Numbers



Paperboard Wooden Package Inclined Impact Testing Machine



I. Product Application


Incline shock tester is mainly used to simulate the impact and damage resistance of product packaging in a real environment, such as handling, loading and unloading, impact during shifting from one cabin to another and impact resulted from emergency brake during transport. Incline shock tester satisfies industrial standards for packaging, such as ASTM, ISTA, ISO, and MIL-STD.


II. Working Principle


By using the principle of potential energy into kinetic energy, the box is free to slide to the bottom of the predetermined position to obtain a certain impact speed and a speed direction perpendicular to the impact plate collision to achieve the intended test purposes.



III. Technical Parameter

  • Max. Payload: 300kg
  • Max. Dimension of Specimen: 1200x1200x1600 mm
  • Max. Shock Distance: 1.8M (discussible)
  • Impact Velocity Range: 1 - 2.1 m/s
  • Tolerance of Impact Speed: ≤ ±5%
  • Speed Display: three-digit numbers
  • The Impact Angle: 10°±1°(Negotiable, nonstandard)
  • Base Dimension: W1800×H2000mm (Equipped with solid wood board)


IV. Pitures


Our Services:
Pre-sales service
Technical Advisory: Testing method, laboratory planning and advice
Equipment Selection: Type-selecting scheme,FAQ
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Selling service
Customer Communication,progress communication
Before installation, we will provide guidance of preparation , equipment debugging, equipment commissioning
Cooperate with measuring if need the third party verification
After-sale service
Quality assurance period for one year,lifelong maintenance.
Technical guidance
Feedback within 2 hours after get the call.
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