Vibration test knowledge points for Automotive Vibration Testing System

Vibration test knowledge points for Automotive Vibration Testing System

1.Exciting mode: Steady-state sinusoidal excitation, random excitation, transient excitation

2.Common vibration exciter: Vibration exciter is a device which imposes certain required exciting force on the object under test to excite the vibration of the object under test. In addition, there are piezoelectric crystal plate exciters for small and thin-walled objects, magnetostrictive exciters for high frequency and high sound intensity exciters, and pulse hammers for pulse excitation, relaxation strings for step excitation, etc.

3.Test mode:

The vibration measurement method can be divided into electrical measurement method, mechanical method and optical method according to the form of the vibration signal conversion. 

At present, the electric measurement method is widely used, and the sensor for measuring vibration in the electric measurement method is also called a vibration pickup.

1) According to whether the vibration pickup is in contact with the device under test during vibration measurement, it can be divided into contact type and non-contact type. 

2) According to the measured vibration properties can be divided into: absolute and relative.

4.Commonly used vibration sensor:

1) Eddy current displacement sensor 

2) Magnetoelectric speed meter 

3) Piezoelectric accelerometer 

4) Servo accelerometer

5) Impedance head